Welcome to the new sheseo.com (was hospitalera.com)

Ok, the move from hospitalera.com > sheseo.com went smoother then I feared πŸ˜‰ All posts, post comments and pages, plus the forum, have transferred nicely. The only thing I lost on the way are a few comments that were on pages, not posts, not sure why this happened – but so be it πŸ˜‰ Oh, yes, I also lost the counts on the social media thingies like in ‘three people liked this on Facebook’, but this was kind of expected. One day, when I am sure that all worked out well, ranking and traffic wise and know I did it the right way, I will write a blog post about how to move a WordPress blog from one domain to another πŸ˜‰ In the end moving a blog or website is a bit like moving house – you lose somethings, but you also find some things you have forgotten completely about – aka old content!

When you move, you lose some things and you find some things πŸ˜‰

Can I ask you a favor?

If you notice anything funny, something that doesn’t work or simply something that you think could be improved, would you be so nice to leave a comment regarding that? Thank you kindly!

Why I moved this site

Two reasons actually, brandability (is that a word?) and memorability (that is one ;-)). Basically a few people told me that the original domain of this blog (hospitalera.com) was not easy to remember nor to spell – big oops. Also, sheseo.com contains, what has become over time, the main topic of this blog ‘SEO’ in the domain name, is short and hopefully people will remember it more easily. As I had the domain already since years it would have been crazy not to use it …

And last, but not least, if I ever decide to sell the site, not likely to happen, it will be far easier with a short and sweet domain name like this that has actually something to do with the topic πŸ˜‰ then with a name that comes from a completely other world, language and topic wise …

Plans for the future

The, provisional, blog line reads at the moment ‘Giving Google the SEO she wants’ πŸ˜‰ The idea behind it is, that it is far too tiring, at least for me, to try to game the search engines, so yes, this blog will concentrate on on-page SEO, keyword research, content writing, social media and the like – purely White Hat SEO stuff. I also re-joined >>>Keyword Strategy<<< – now don’t die of the shock! The reasons for this are many, but the main reason is that Fraser, the guy behind KST, announced on a forum that there will be soon again competition data available – that is why I left (no competition data) and that is what I wanted to have back – so it is only logical that I re-joined. There are also other reasons like supporting a school of thought that aligns with my own way of doing internet marketing, taking advantage of their ‘discover overlapping content on your site tool’ and a few more, but that warrants a completely different blog post.

There are still some things to iron out on this blog, the most important one being making a decision about the email subscription form, at the moment it is off-line. I have to think about if I create a new one for this domain or if I use the old one for hospitalera.com for a while longer. Any input regarding this would be appreciated! Oh, yes, and sorry for the funny email with my latest ten blog posts that Feedburner send out when I changed the feed settings to the new domain – not sure how that happened! But hopefully it will not happen again.

The next step will also be to clean up the site a bit content-wise, like updating posts that are not more relevant, deleting / merging posts and so on. And obviously writing more content for it! I guess that’s it for the moment, like always any ideas and comments welcome, see you around here at Sheseo.com, SY


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