What does ‘hospitalera’ mean?

I get often asked what my internet nickname ‘hospitalera’ means, here the story in short form:

Camino de Santiago in Navarra

At least than I can point everybody that asks to here and save typing it always all over again 😉

As I registered as a contributor on my first microstock site BigStockPhoto, I was asked which nickname I wanted to use. Something that caught be by surprise. I had spend the previous four years as a volunteer in Spain, taking care of pilgrims on the camino to Santiago de Compostela. Such a person, that gives hospitality to others, is called hospitalera or hospitalero in Spanish. As I am female, I choose hospitalera. So. Now you know the story. Btw, the image on the left was taken by me, it shows the pilgrims way in Navarra.

Image available here

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5 comments to What does ‘hospitalera’ mean?

  • I had wondered about this. Thanks for sharing 🙂



  • What a great story–that must have been an amazing experience. I would like to make that pilgrimage myself some day and might be hitting you up for some information sometime soon!

  • hospitalera

    Nice to see that you found me blog 😉 How are things at lookstat going?

    @Journeys and Adventures
    Soon more to come, stay tuned. As this is a mixed bag blog I will certainly also write about the Camino de Santiago 😉

  • Things at LookStat are hectic, but going well. We’re hard at work on adding support for more sites. Hope all is well with you too!

  • hospitalera

    Great to hear, I am keeping an eye on your project, still not sure about joining 😉 I have concentrated lately more on words than on images as you can see. Never good to have all eggs in one basket. Take care, SY