What I learnt by reading John Chow’s blog

No, this is not a “groupie” post to praise one of the so-called A-List bloggers, but much less it is a, lately so fashionable name calling and bashing blog post against another blogger. I just want to show that, when looking behind the obvious, there is a lot to learn from the A-list bloggers. Like my grandmother would say: “You can learn something from everybody, and if it is only how NOT to do things.” Or, to alter another famous saying: “Do as they do, not as they say!” Enough babbling like a bumbling band of baboons, here a few points we all could learn from John Chow:

1. Don’t undersell yourself

Charge $750 for a sponsored blog post of, hold your breath, less than 60 words.

2. Don’t discuss with the customer.

But for your faithful, and attentive, readers, make your point in a subtle manner in the comment section.

3. Prevention of a similar event.

OK, sh.. happens, but you don’t want it to happen again 😉 So write a subtle blog post to get your point across without offending anybody and without putting anybody on the spot.

Summary: Look under the surface and you might learn a lot from John Chow 😉 A great example of blogging diplomacy and a great lesson in “Don’t do like they tell you, do as they do.” 😉

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12 comments to What I learnt by reading John Chow’s blog

  • WHAAA?? He charged $750 for a 60 word sponsored post? That is a fantastic lesson not to undersell yourself because I would love to have that going on in my blog. That just shows how far you can go, especially when you put energy into your blog.

  • I like how john handle the negative comment.
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  • Truely beautiful – its not even a link -so Google can’t take his PR for gaming the system. I LOVE all the comments re $750 is too much – who says obviously not the forex firm who paid it LOL
    .-= lissie@passive income´s last blog ..Social Media Scam ? Is Grizz A Social Blogger? =-.

  • Yeah, but they probably got a good deal – traffic and links to their site which probably sells expensive forex trainging/dealing software.
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  • hospitalera

    Did you read the rest of the story? Point is the buyer/advertiser/sponsor could have had a longer and better blog post by letting John do the work and not insisting in doing it himself. There is more to the whole thing at first glance 😉

    True, John is a master of diplomacy 😉 SY

  • hospitalera

    Yes, he is really clever, isn’t he!? I guess all the hype created and commented on this super-short blog post is quite useful for both, the forex firm and John.

    The more I observe the whole thing, the more I think that is / was a win-win for everybody involved. Now I have only to find somebody that pays me that amount of money for a blog post! I promise, I’ll keep it even shorter then John 😉 SY

  • Well, JohnChow has been on the blogging horizon for quite some time first because of him going against Google and still maintaining good traffic numbers and readership. I have always found JohnChow’s and ShoeMoney’s review rates to be at par with the kind of exposure internet related products can get. It’s a great way to get your product noticed, though 60 words review is definitely an overkill, at the same time he did say that he wanted to write the review but company wanted to write their own text 😉

  • hospitalera

    @Adam Sincki
    You are right, looking at his subscriber count / Alexa rank he certainly broadcasts to a huge audience! And he made clear that he really, really prefers to write such articles himself 😉 SY

  • Great post!

    $750 for a review and that too less than 60 words, but ofcourse it’s the authority of his site and the person which has brought him this money.

    I learned first about not to undersell your self, in a forum’s help section where there were some discussions going on. The person told, never work below for what you’re worth of, people will offer you that pay once you back yourself for it.

    John Chow is a good example how we can reach to the point he’s on at the moment or more, if only we’re willing to work.

  • hospitalera

    @Ryan Mathys
    And the 60 words were written by the customer itself, that is where the whole story really becomes funny 😉 SY

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  • hospitalera

    This blog is dofollow, means every time I approve a comment, the commenter gets a backlink from this blog, this means two things:
    a) Google takes into account to what kind of sites I am linking to, if I link to bad neighborhoods, Google will reduce the trust rank of this blog.
    b) The more outgoing links the less is each link worth in Google’s eyes.
    Hope that clears things up, SY