What is WBSD?

Tomorrow will be the third time that WBSD comes around, so as I am this time guest blogging from a friends blog, I thought it would be a good idea to blog here a bit about what WBSD is all about 😉 and a bit about the people involved also.

WBSD stands for World Blog Surf Day, and was invented by yours truly back in March this year. The first WBSD was organized via my, now de-funct, Golden Prague Blog and the next two were organized by my friend Sher from Czech of the beaten Path.

The idea behind WBSD, similar to other blog carnivals and the like, is to bring together a bunch of bloggers that blog about the same subject on the same day and that link to each other. This way a chain of related blog posts is formed around the globe and the blogosphere. Apart of fun, a WBSD means also related backlinks, traffic and increased comments for everybody involved. So, participating in a WBSD or a similar event is a win-win situation for everybody.

What distinguishes WBSD from other similar events is, that it is an Expat-only event. That is the reason why I not participate from this blog, but from a blog of a friend where I am an occasional guest blogger. I am an Expat but this is not a typical expat blog 😉 Working Nomad is both a blog and a community of people that travel the world whilst making money online. A perfect mix between a “make money online” and “expat” blog / forum 😉 And a good place to blog from as a “making money online expat blogger” 😉

Since the second WBSD we also have our very own Twitter Reporter, this time this important role will be fulfilled by Karen from Empty Nest Expat. As the Wall Street Journal said about her blog, “it makes a fun read for anyone looking for reassurance that change can be a wonderful thing–and also for anyone interested in visiting the Czech Republic.” Karen used to live in Prague, but due to some visa problems is now living back home in the United States. We all hope she will be back in Europe soon 😉 So if you prefer to follow WBSD on Twitter, follow her at Empty Nest Expat on Twitter.

So, that was the short round-up about what WBSD is all about, hope you enjoyed it!

Now the big WBSD news at the end: Sher and I will run the next WBSD together from its very own domain WBSD !!! If you go now to that url you don’t see much, just an empty wordpress blog but bookmark it, it will be the site all upcoming WBSDs are organized from. So, if you have missed this WBSD you know now where to find out about the next one 😉 Take care, SY

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