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Hans from Internation Musing asked ‘Which brand laptop can you recommend’. He also mentioned that ‘The last one, a DELL, bought in December 2007, is a head ache from day 1.’ Without going into detail what causes the dell headache. And that he ‘had a nice laptop, a Toshiba, in pre I-net time, the brand still okay?’

Dear Hans, somehow I fear you don’t like to hear the answer ‘go for a Mac’. 😉 Sounds to me like you would prefer a Windows one. Ok, I tell you which one I use and what the good and bad points of it are. And regarding Toshiba, I have an old one myself. A tiny little thingie that I keep for nostalgic reasons, but no idea how Toshiba is doing at present time. But before I give you my personal laptop recommendation, here some basic things to consider:

What is your budget?

I mean I can recommend you the greatest laptop on earth, if you don’t have the money to buy it that advice will be useless to you. The budget was the reason that I didn’t went with a Mac laptop last time. So if you know your budget than you have already done have the work of selecting a new laptop.

Which operating system?

Windows Vista will work well if you have a lot of ram and/ or if you turn all these fancy features of. If you want to have a lot of the fancy stuff than, to work fast, you will need minimum 4gb ram. If you can lay your hands on a Laptop that runs Windows XP and than perhaps later upgrade to Windows 7 directly, that might a route to choose. If, and that is a huge IF, Windows 7 proves to be stable. Are you technically inclined? Than you could always go down the Linux/ Ubuntu route…

Another possibility might be Presto

I actually have the trial version sitting there to be tested but haven’t come around it. If you want, you could always download the seven days free trial to your old present laptop and see if it gets rid of the gremlins 😉 If you decide to do so, be so kind to shoot me a note, pretty please. Last point:

How rough will the laptop be treated?

I mean, I carry mine around from time to time in its upholstered carry bag and take it with me on holidays but if your imagination of travelling with a laptop consists in stuffing it in a backpack and take it on an overland bus trip to India with you, than my Advent wouldn’t survive long.

Yep, I have a cheapish Advent and I am happy with it. After a lot of searching and asking people I bought it two years ago. His full name is Advent 8109. I am very happy with it for what I use it, but as I said it is a bit frail, surely not made for rough overland travels off the beaten path. When travelling it serves as a glorified photo storage/ burn back up dvds cum simple photo editing solution. It allows me to check my email and browse the web, but it is not really comfortable for me to write long texts on it. At home I use it to render fractals, do the raw>jpg development of my photos, upload to the stock agencies I sell my images with etc. For writing I use my dear old failing desktop computer. And my next desktop computer will be a Mac, bank account willing 😉

I don’t know if this all did help you somehow, but I hope so, take care, SY

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  • Dear SY:
    I’m considering a Apple, but since there is no service available in Turkey for that , and I’m not technical at all, I’m in doubt. I used a beautiful Orange Apple when I lived in Miami from 2000 – 2002, and was a wonderful experience.) Orange is a powerful color, especially if we play aganst Germany..))
    The DELL I bough (December 2006, my mistake) wa upgraded to Windows Vista in 2007 but that didnt work, so went back to XP. But still my computer frooze al the time.
    Anyway, Monday I will hear what has to be done or not, and in that case, will buy a ne one.
    Tanks for the answer…and yes, I love an Apple, but without a service…I dont know.)

  • hospitalera

    If you don’t have apple support in your country, I agree it would be far too risky to buy one. Regarding the Dell, try out Presto, link in my post somewhere. What do you have to loose? SY

  • hospitalera

    And? What did you do in the end? SY

  • sam@plustv

    I would go for a mac for my next laptop only if all the seo software would work in it 🙁 For my living room home theater pc I’m choosing mini mac for sure 🙂 Is that a HTPC –> HTMM then?

  • hospitalera

    @am from splustv
    I have a Mac Mini and all my seo tools work fine. SY

  • Using Firefox you shouldn’t have a problem running seo (and other) plugins on any OS. But I actually traded my Mac for a PC a while back (no kidding) 🙂 Just for the familiarity of using Windows, which I’ve used since version 2. There’s no doubt that Macs have a superior design of course, but you get so much better hardware for the same price with a PC. Great blog btw, cheers!
    .-= Josh@mini laptop deals´s last blog ..Super Slim MSI X600 Now Available and Shipping =-.

  • hospitalera

    ROFL, I would never trade my MAC back for a Windows machine, especially not when I look at the problems a lot of people have with Vista, and nobody knows if Windows7 will be so much better. As we upgrade computers in our family we will make the complete switch to Mac hopefully soon 😉 But if you are happy with your decision, that is great! And the only thing that counts in the end 😉 SY

  • I just bought a new laptop a HP Probook 4510s to be precise – running WinXP. Its brilliant – after being on a 14″ screen on my old HP having he 15.6″ is just magic! Not sure now why I waited so long- oh yes cause I didn’t have the money. I personally wouldnt buy a dell – they have well-know reliability issues – Toshiba and HP are good but if you are using it for a business you really should buy into their business ranges – which are much more robust adn better supported and have nice little extras like the option of WinXP. My old NC4200 went 25,000km around Australia – and when something got lose it was fixable – in Darwin – that’s worth paying an extra 100 or so to buy a brand name!

    I hear Win 7 will be god – like a fixed version of Vista – I am eligible a free upgrade but I am not sure that I will bother -its just another operating system as far as I am concerned – and doesn’t add any real value. The issue with Macs I have a) the cost b) they don’t run the software I want and b) they are even worse than Microsoft at getting you to upgrade to OS regularly
    .-= lissie@residual income builder´s last blog ..Residual Income Without A Website =-.

  • hospitalera

    You were lucky to still find a computer / laptop that runs XP, here it is all Vista. One of the reasons I bought recently a Mac. I am the most happy bunny ever since 😉 BTW, love your typo: “I hear Win 7 will be god…”, rofl, SY

  • Its standard here in Australia on business machines only you have the option of WinXP or Vista – very few businesses use Vista – dont know what will happen after Win7 comes up though
    .-= lissie@residual income builder´s last blog ..Residual Income Without A Website =-.

  • hospitalera

    Lucky you, hubby needs a new computer but no Windows XP available here anymore, only Vista. So we wait until Win7 comes out as he doesn’t want to go down the Mac route, SY

  • Josh

    I can only congratulate you on switching to 100% Mac 🙂 They’re really elegant computers in every aspect. It’s just that I’ve been using Windows since version 2, so by now I’m completely brainwashed 😉 @lissie: I would definitely recommend that Win7 upgrade. I’ve used it since the first beta and compared to Vista it’s rock solid. You also get better battery life and a cooler computer with 7, as it has less active processes running in the background. Vista runs a whole slew of memory-hogging, performance-reducing stuff in the background, but 7 only starts them when needed, which is probably never. So it’s in many ways a fixed version of Vista. IMO Microsoft should offer it for free to all disgruntled Vista buyers!

  • hospitalera

    Actually it is only 50% Mac, my laptop is still a Windows XP machine, but as it works fine, I see no reason to change it. But what you say about Win7 sounds promising for hubbies new computer, he will need sooner or later! SY

  • Yeah, Windows 7 is rather nice for Windows, but you should also give Linux a try. Actually the only OS I have not really tried on a personal computer is MacOS, due to its hardware restrictions. I wish there was a better way around that than hackintosh. Maybe my next computer should be a Mac?
    .-= shae@Linux Forum´s last blog ..Wine’s release is late; good news? =-.

  • hospitalera

    I have no experience at all with linux, a lot of the software I am using on a daily base wouldn’t work under linux, correct? And what do you mean by hardware restrictions for the Mac? I haven’t found any so far, SY

  • I’ve had the best success with ASUS. They may not be as well known, but their service and their motherboards are the best in the business.

  • hospitalera

    I have seen them, I just didn’t have any personal experience with them. Do they also have these tiny mini travel laptops? I might need one of these next year 😉 SY

  • When it comes to tiny laptops, I would go for ASUS. It is excellent. I do possess one and its features are cool and awesome. ASUS is amazing for business as well as my personal use.
    .-= mini laptops´s last blog ..HP 2133 Mini Note Review =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Mini Laptops
    What would you recommend as the toughest mini laptop? I am planing a long distance walk next year and I am looking for a very light mini laptop that survives without problems in a backpack! SY

  • It all depends on the person’s budget. If the person has enough money, he should go with Mac. I don’t own a mac, but that would be my next laptop if I need to buy one.
    .-= Eau Parfum´s last blog ..Hugo Boss Perfumes =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Eau Parfum
    Yes, Macs are great! SY

  • My vote is surely not for Vista. I can go ahead with Windows XP or Ubuntu. Linux is not very user friendly for most of the users since people are very much comfortable using windows. I think my answer is of little help to your query.