Why does “making money online” does sound so dodgy?

Every time somebody in the “real” world asks me what I do for a living I cringe internally. Normally I resource than to my work as a microstock photographer/ digital artist and skip the bit about niche web sites, affiliate/ referral programs, writing for money etc etc etc. Why? Because the words “making money online” kind of sound dodgy/ fishy to me.

Now there ARE a lot dead rats lingering around in cyberspace. All these endless-long-one-page websites that try to sell you and me the ultimate money making program or the latest seo e-book. Or other related quick rich schemes, like “Do you want to make $35 765 every 11 days?” That is the part of internet marketing I want to have nothing to do with it.

But there is also a middle field for making some additional income on the internet. Take for example the field of referral sales, you can either recommend services you tried, liked and are using, or you can just recommend programs that pay you the most, without thinking of the potential customer. So it depends on your personal integrity what kind of internet marketer you are or want to become.

If you built your own web site or write your own blogs than it depends again on you how honest or how “didgy” your approach is. But the more you are in control of the end program the easier it is to make money online without loosing your integrity. So, apart of licensing images via so-called microstock sites, how else do I make money on line?

Writing: I write at Today, Squidoo and Hubpages and also at this blog (obviously ;-))

Affiliates/ referrals: I recommend the microstock sites I use and that I am successful with to others, as well as the web hosting I am using.

I am working on / have several niche web sites, some domains in cash parking (edited: not anymore), and be involved in a few other projects that is too early to speak about.

To summarize, if we make money on line in a dodgy or with integrity depends only on us. We are in charge of it, and, btw, money shouldn’t be the decisive factor, our clear consciousness should!

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10 comments to Why does “making money online” does sound so dodgy?

  • Chipo Mudzengi

    Since you are interested in internet money making, you may want to check out this article on the clearblog site that talks about internet money making. It really helped me out.

  • hospitalera

    Unfortunately the link you posted didn’t work. Did you mind to post again? SY

  • Nicole

    Making money online depends on your knowledge and persistence and time you can spare on doing the work.

  • hospitalera

    Correct, you have to work to make money, at least initially! That is an important point a lot of people just don’t get, SY

  • True, there is a lot of B.S. on the internet. I fell for quite a bit of it myself when I first started. I agree that the only way to keep your integrity is to promote only things you have actually used. There’s enough people that will promote anything that they think will pay them to go around.

  • hospitalera

    I always go by “if it is too good to be true, it is most probably not true” and “never buy the same day”. This two sayings have saved me from a lot of trouble during my life! SY


    This is not a good way to earn money because i have seen so many fraud things on the internet that offers you to make money online by simply a registration so that they are totally fraud. So try to think about the trusted money making resources.

  • hospitalera

    What is not? I am not sure I understand what you try to say, SY

  • This is the first post I like that very much because it is all for the new entrepreneurs as we all know that in this market of the recession the only person who dies in it is just the alone small marketer. So if a person wants to have a small business for himself that he has to measure himself by your questions, I am damn sure that he will be very helpful from your posts!Thanks for it!

  • hospitalera

    You are welcome, SY