Will Article Marketing Work for Your Online Business?

As an online business, you may already be familiar with the concept of article marketing. This is a simple process of submitting content to article directories online, which will link back to your website. This serves several purposes in that content is what makes the Internet go round. For this reason, any content that you put out on the Internet will be seen as valuable in the eyes of Google, thus creating a link back to your website to potentially increase your rankings.

Of course, it is not always as simple as that. If you want to use article marketing for your website, it is important that your content is of value. Yes, it is incredibly easy to promote fluff content online, which is only for the purpose of filling up space on a page to get a link. While this may give you a link back to your website, you will see serious results if you are actually writing articles that are worthwhile. Instead of simply having one link from Ezine or another article directory, valuable articles will be picked up or linked back to from other websites. This is your opportunity to see even greater benefits than simply getting one single link from an article that you have posted.

On top of that, if you are providing valuable content, people will begin to see you as an expert. For example, if someone is wondering about which skin care ingredients are best for their complexion, they may find your article about the same topic. When they read the article and are impressed by the information, they can click on your link in the resource box to visit your website to purchase products. It really will work if you put value in the articles that you are writing!

If you feel comfortable writing your own articles, that would be your opportunity to save on labor. However, if you are intimidated by the task, you can easily hire freelancers to do this for you. Just make sure that this is quality content!


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8 comments to Will Article Marketing Work for Your Online Business?

  • I second you. Generating unique content is not an easy task. If done wrongly, the entire promotional build will turn futile. People forget to realize the impact articles does on any product/service. While submitting to numerous article directories it spreads virally across the web and the reach is unimaginable. I use to submit articles to ezine for link purposes and they have contributed to my campaign incredibly. While choosing the directories, just select the authoritative ones who are on top of google for those specific keywords. They will help a lot and makes the process quite easier.

  • Article marketing is a sure shot way to success. Online advertising is a fantastic platform to reach a maximum number of individuals and that too in a cheap manner. The current day scenario has young and old all hooked to the Internet. One cannot have a better source to inform, learn, campaign and advertise globally, besides the Internet.

  • Def. agree that it’s good to write properly. Trash writing is transparent. Overall, I think there are pros and cons. With AM you benefit from the established domain and the traffic of the site where you are putting the article – however, on the flipside, you are ultimately spending your energy building someone else’s online real estate. I say put 75% of your energy into developing your own web properties; these will act as a more stable form of revenue if the content is of lasting value and not just news / current affairs….

  • Hey,

    Article marketing works however it needs to be done properly. I have used this method before and it got me good results. I wrote good quality articles and then submitted them to the biggest articles sites I could find. After 2 weeks I have seen some good serp’s results and got some nice traffic out of them.

    Warm wishes,
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  • Hi,
    Article marketing is really a great way to success.Article should be unique and to the point.I have used this method got me good results and back links as well.There are a lot of biggest articles sites out there from where you can get back links.thanks!

  • Adward

    Hi, article marketing is classic but great way to deal with your online business. Now it’s boosting to a new level called video article marketing which means a reuse of information of your existing articles and you can republish them in the form of videos. You can read an instruction guide of how to explode the website traffic with video article marketing here.

  • It’s funny, I used to do the same thing and write a ton of articles for my baseball pitching website on ezine and several other article submission sites just for the link. I did find my keywords go up to the front page as i would focus on one keyword a day with my top ten keywords in mind. However, I have also found that valuable content drives the buyers to your site not the browsers.
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  • Hi,

    I’ve had great success outsourcing my article writing to someone I met on the Warrior Forum. I still do all my own submissions but it helps to have a writer on staff.