Woothemes You Must be Kidding!

Woothemes, you are kidding! Right?

Honestly a plush toy as a Woothemes deal??? ROFl, I hardly could believe it when I read the email that landed today in my inbox 😉 The little guy in the photo at the right is available for the bargain price of ‘only’ $20, hurry now, the price will increase soon to a whooping $30. Or better said, don’t hurry at all, because I don’t think that will be money well spend that helps to improve your internet business. Whilst I understand why they are doing it, the keyword here is ‘branding’, I really doubt that Woothemes merchandise, stay tuned for WooTees coming soon (I guess that will be t-shirts?), will be a big hit. I mean, would you run around with a Woothemes T-shirt or have a Woothemes Plush Ninja setting on your office desk? There is a counter on their website counting down from 100 (the number produced for the first edition), last time I looked it was still at 100…

Opinions? Do you think it is a smart move of Woothemes to brand themselves in this way? Would you buy this kind of ‘fan merchandise’? Anything else you want to say? Just leave a comment! To see the rest of the upcoming Woothemes Coupons for this Christmas’ deal please refer to my previous blog post >here<. Lets hope the next ones are a bit more useful 😉

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