How To Use Ezine To Write Your Own Backlinks

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How To Use Ezine To Write Your Own Backlinks
As we all know, content is what makes the Internet go round, and it will also give you the ability to easily write your own backlinks to cause your website to rank even higher for your specific niche. One of the most important resources not to neglect if you are hoping to promote your website is the use of Ezine. This is prime territory for article marketing, and it also provides you with the means to have at least two backlinks going back to your website per article.

Of course, this is even better if you have specific keywords that you are hoping to target because the resource box at the end of your article will provide you with a way to use anchor text to link back to your website once again. This is something that looks fantastic in the eyes of Google because it gives you credibility as an expert in your field. You definitely do want to know what you are talking about, so if you are not a proficient writer, then you do have the option of outsourcing your content from Elance or another freelance website.
However, make it your goal to submit at least one article per day to Ezine to give you the opportunity to gain exposure and create more backlinks to your website. It is important to keep in mind that you will have to submit at least 10 articles before you receive Platinum status, which is when your articles will be approved even faster, making it a smoother ride for you. Also, if you are targeting specific keywords for your niche, such as “skin” for skin care products, then you need to be very cautious about your keyword density for your articles.

There are many keyword density tools available online to help you determine if your keyword density is too high, but a good rule of thumb is to use your keyword a maximum of once every 100 words. Otherwise, you will risk having your article rejected by Ezine, causing you to have to edit it once again to meet their standards.

Once you have these tips mastered, you can trust that Ezine will be an amazing resource to use to create backlinks to your website, and the best part of all is that is potentially free if you are writing the articles yourself! It may seem intimidating at first, but I promise you that once you get the ball rolling, you will see enormous fruits from your efforts in writing backlinks to your website through your Ezine articles.


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  • Ezine is a great way to create really useful backlinks to build your pagerank and get some traffic too! Thanks for adding your personal touch to this article.
    .-= Seth W @ Blog Discussion´s last blog ..From Barista to Blogger =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Seth W
    Chuggin is great in writing articles with a personal touch! SY

  • It can be a pain to change your author resource box in Ezine for every article because you have to do them one at a time. But my partner wanted to get a new set of backlinks, so I changed her author resource box (step 1) then went through every single one of her 400+ articles and changed the resource box to my new version (step 2) and resubmitted the articles. Each article has to be approved again by the team at ezinearticles, so there was a 4 to 7 day delay getting the articles back online. Once they are back online, they are treated like new articles and brought to the top, published again on the front page, tweeted by ezine (yes, they will retweet every time you post an article).
    All told I wasted a day doing the work that I had to do, but there was suddenly 400+ ezine articles with new keywords pointing to her site, with the new keywords that she wanted.
    Next time I’ll create the new resource box and hire someone to do the actual changes to all the articles, but it was a great way to suddenly leap from an unknown on google for a keyword to the #1 position.
    .-= McLaughlin´s last blog ..Using LinkedIn to Drive Traffic to Your Blog =-.

  • hospitalera

    Great point! I really appreciated your tips! And I admire the hassle you went through for a friend 😉 SY

  • Hello

    Submitting articles in ezinearticles is said to be a good way of acquiring backlinks.I have written almost 6-7 articles in ezine and all were approved .I even got backlink from some of them,but they remained as backlink only for some time and then disappeared.What needs to be done for that?

  • I do believe that Ezine Articles are a great way to get traffic and backlinks to your blog or site. But what I find very hard is to actually write them. I am struggling to keep up with updating my blog, let alone write articles for it, too. I think Ezine Articles are also good to be outsourced – I will have to look into that, I think you can get articles written for about $5. Does anybody know a good article writer? 🙂

  • hospitalera

    No idea, I hope Chuggin is stopping by soon and answering ezine related questions. SY

    I just re-write existing articles in similar cases. Kind of translating it from English to English. Hope that helps, SY

  • @Allen
    Are you putting links in the body of the article or the resource box? I have never had issues with links disappearing from the resource box, so it could be because they are links from the body of the article.
    Thank you again for everything!

  • @chuggin

    Thanks for replying

    Actually you did not get it.I place my links in the resource field itself.My question is that when i check my backlinks ,i find my ezine article appearing as backlink only for a short period of time.
    After sometime i dont find it as one of my backlinks.
    .-= Allen@Outsourcing´s last blog ..Major SEO Updates for 2009 =-.

  • hospitalera

    Just out of interest, what are you using to check your back links? SY

  • I check the google backlinks i.e link:domainname and also
    Google webmaster.
    .-= Allen@Outsourcing´s last blog ..Major SEO Updates for 2009 =-.

  • hospitalera

    For what it is worth I noticed that a search for link:domainname nearly always gives different results from the back links that show up in Googles’ Webmaster Tools. Do the ezine backlinks disappear for ever for you or do they just keep popping up from time to time? Checking ones backlinks is rarely an exact science as it depends on the ways a site is indexed by the search engine. Do the ezine backlinks disappear only in Google or in all of the three big search engines? SY

  • @Allen
    If a page is constantly being crawled on a weekly to monthly basis (as most, if not all, Ezine articles are), and the link is still present, then you still are receiving credit for that backlink, regardless of what info Google, Yahoo, MSN or otherwise may be showing you. link:yourdomain works best in Yahoo, but nothing is going to give you 100% of the information you need. Hope that helps!

  • May be You are correct as i have noticed that whenever my ezine article become popular at that moment Google Provides me with link but after that it disappears. But for other search engines i have ezine link.
    .-= allen@Outsourcing´s last blog ..Major SEO Updates for 2009 =-.

  • hospitalera

    Chuggin is 100% right, don’t worry to much what you see when you check your backlinks, as long as you climb the SERPs all is ok. SY

  • this is wonderful to read it. i like ezine really much.very well written tips.thanks. keep sharing.

  • hospitalera

    You are welcome! I will pass one the compliments to Chuggin, SY

  • I love e zines… I get tons of long term traffic, Great SEO help, high page ranking back links and targeted traffic right to the site. These are truly the best back-links you can get for your website.

  • hospitalera

    Thanks for the confirmation, I really have to get out and write more articles in general, SY

  • mike

    Great info in here everyone.I have a question.I have 5 articles on ezine articles at the mo pointing directly to an affiliate offer, is there any way in which i can get backlinks pointing to my articles on the article site? Does anyone know why if there is two articles on the same subject and the same keywords and keyword rich titles, why one gets above the other in the positioning.

  • hospitalera

    I don’t understand your questions very well. Do you mean how to get backlinks for your ezine articles? The same way like for others, have a look here:
    And with your other questions, do you refer to the search positioning in ezine itself or in Google? SY

  • Also I think you can’t use deep-links for your backlinks strategy with Ezine articles, am I right?

    And I think we should not only keep submitting it to Ezine but also many other article writing sites and use some spinning software (what say?) so Google doesn’t find any duplicate content.

  • The Question mike asked about back linking your own articles is one i have been trying to find out for some time. I myself have got a few articles at ezine articles that are in competition with other authors with similar keywords,but for some reason they manage to stick in the serps and mine fall right off after a short time, they have good titles and 1.6% keyword density.How do they make them stick like that? Is it that big G does not like or want a certain keyword being dominated by similar articles from the same site? Because what i have noticed is that if you are targeting a keyword that already has two ezine articles on page one you will never see three on page one, well i haven’t from my searching. Does an ezine article react to back linking?

    Unlike goarticles its not easy to see if an ezine has been back linked. If you choose an ezine article and use seo for firefox and go to view the PAGE BACK LINKS they will always say zero but of course the BACK LINKS TO DOMAIN will say thousands, maybe if you do back link your ezine it goes to benefit the domain and not your article page at ezine. Just had a thought, im going to check one of my ezine articles domain back links and take note of the numbers, as i know i have not back linked them and im pretty sure no one else has. Then take a look at an article thats been been up there for years, surely there has to be a difference?

    Hope i haven’t bored you all with my little blah blah .
    .-= mike´s last blog ..what causes spots =-.

  • hospitalera

    @Jim Olen

    Why can’t you use deep-links on eZine? I can’t find anything in their TOS that prohibits linking to a single page of your blog / web site instead of linking only to your home page, as long as the link is relevant to the content. Yes, you are right, there are also other article sites around, eZine is only the biggest, but not the only one! Regarding article spinning software, imho, the only one you need is the one between your two ears, your brain. All others are only a waste of time and money. Just find a new view point and re-write your articles yourself. I never found any article spinning software that worked as good as my brain! Rofl, and that is saying something! SY

  • hospitalera

    No, not boring at all, very interesting points / questions! Obviously it depends how good your articles are, how many words they have, keyword density (1.6% sounds a bit low), how established you are as an eZine author (when it comes to eZines own ranking), backlinks your articles receive, if Google sees you as an authority and yes, the big G sees some keywords different from other regarding their spam potential. Also when it comes to promoting your own blog / site / product it is always good to get backlinks from as many sources as possible, not only from a few.

    “Because what i have noticed is that if you are targeting a keyword that already has two ezine articles on page one you will never see three on page one, well i haven’t from my searching.”
    Yes, Google wants variety in their search results, if not so, Wikipedia would dominate the SERPs totally!

    “Does an ezine article react to back linking?”
    Absolutely, like any other page on the web also.

    “…, maybe if you do back link your ezine it goes to benefit the domain and not your article page at ezine.”
    Unlikely imho actually you do benefit from the authority eZine as a domain has.

    “Just had a thought, im going to check one of my ezine articles domain back links and take note of the numbers, as i know i have not back linked them and im pretty sure no one else has. Then take a look at an article thats been been up there for years, surely there has to be a difference?”

    I would like to see the outcome, feel free to share your findings with us! SY

    PS Only a few eZine articles will not do a lot…

  • I find writing good articles is the best to get backlinks. If something is good, people will link to it. Of course, people need to find the article first!
    .-= Coupon Code´s last blog ..Save with Multiple Coupons at A.C. Moore =-.

  • One article a day… Ezine don’t start turning you away?

    I’m a big fan of ezine articles too, but I’m having trouble getting some of the backlinks to register in Site Explorer.

    This rugby versus league article has been posted for quite a while, but is not registering.
    .-= Mike@Property Valuation Methods´s last blog ..Property Valuation Methods: Conclusion =-.

    • hospitalera

      Mike, that article was posted by a guest blogger, I personally would suggest to get articles / guest posts on as many related sites as possible. I don’t think Google will value 100 links coming from the same source and going to the same site equal to 100 links coming from different sources to the same site 😉 SY

  • Burton Haynes

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